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Crazy weekend ahead



Last Friday we had an exhilarating finish to The State’s crowdfunding campaign. This weekend promises to be even more thrilling with a full line up of zany events and memorable experiences starting with First Fridays tomorrow.

Early in the evening Pop-Up Art Shows will be out front showcasing the work of local artists.  Rumor has it there might be some live music too!  Stop by to check them out as well as the First Friday happenings at Idle Hours & South Bend Brew Werks. The Brew Werks will have dog biscuits made from spent grain created in the brewing process (cool!).

You can also pick up tickets to our 2nd First Fridays After Dark show.  This time we are sounding a musical note with a concert featuring Chicago-based Zigtebra at the first stop on their national tour.  Let’s be sure to give them a hearty South Bend “hello!” and help them get the tour started with a bang!  Local artists Bailey Williams, SPACESHIPS, and La Republica will be accompanying Zigtebra to create a diverse line up of innovative sounds. Alongside the Downtown DOGtown we are also permitting well-mannered and leashed dogs into The State for the first (and potentially last) time.  Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Tickets are just $8 ($1 off with student ID) and available at South Bend Brew Werks or at the door.


Saturday brings the much anticipated inaugural showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show at The State.  This event needs little introduction and will include the fantastic group Help Me Mommy who will not only be providing the shadowcast for this show but helping us to develop our own local cast so we can make this a South Bend tradition once again! There will be two shows, both with the shadowcast, one at 9 p.m for those that want or need to get to home early and the traditional midnight showing.  Tickets are almost gone for the midnight showing and we are expecting a sell out. You can get yours before the show online 9 pm & midnight and at South Bend Brew Werks. Survival kits will be available at the show for $2.

There’s still lots of prep work to get done so I better get to it. See you at The State this weekend!



Like a Virgin

Seeing double?

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a legendary film with a passionate following. Since its release in the 1970s millions of people have reveled in its off-beat humor, glam, and oddness and the unusual ability to become part of the movie through callbacks and the throwing of objects in time with lines from the movie. Those who haven’t seen it are referred to as virgins. Somehow I managed to stay a virgin through the first 34 years of my life but I have to confess, it is no more.

Rocky Horror Initiates
Rocky Horror Initiates

Last night (or rather very early this morning), I took a road trip out to Hobart, IN to experience what Rocky Horror Picture Show is for the very first time. I was joined by two co-virgins helping organize our own RHPS event, Sara and Stephanie, in a quest to find out what we had signed ourselves up for.

Hobart, IN is about an hour’s drive west of South Bend near Gary. Some people warned me that Hobart was a bit dangerous (something I’ve also heard about downtown South bend) but, much like downtown South Bend, we never felt anything but safe.  A group called “Help Me Mommy” runs a weekly showing of RHPS and also organizes the shadowcast. For those who don’t know, a shadowcast is a group that acts out the show live while it’s playing on the movie screen behind.  Members of the cast are passionate about the movie and spend hours choreographing and memorizing lines and scenes so that they can add a special touch to the movie viewing experience.

Hoping to create the best possible RHPS experience, we reached out to Help Me Mommy for our June 8 show. This is the group that does an annual Notre Dame show and did last year’s gridiron performance (freezing their tales off in the process I’ve been told). After a few emails back and forth and an in-person visit at The State with John and Sara from the group, they enthusiastically agreed to help out. The whole group is very excited to be part of bringing RHPS back to The State and very extremely gracious hosts to us last night.  I’m looking forward to establishing new friendships with them.


Getting back to the show, Help Me Mommy has been doing RHPS for a long time and it showed in their attention to detail, the overall quality of the show.  When you come in you’re immediately greeted by cast members and a spike mohawk haired dude will sell you a survival kit with all the pieces of you need to participate in the movie fun. Heading into the auditorium, appropriate oddball music videos from the 1980’s are playing on the screen, setting the mood.  As cast members dash around in various stages of costuming, an MC introduces the show and gently initiates the virgins who are attending the show.

After this warm up, the show starts and anything goes.  People shout out whatever they like (known as callbacks) during the many pauses in the dialog, often asking a question that is consequently answered by the line of the actor.  Sometimes funny, sometimes just loud, this is definitely not your typical Saturday movie night.  Some of my favorite things were dancing the Time Warp, shooting water at people holding newspaper umbrellas over their heads, and throwing toast.

Having taken some notes and chatted with the cast about how great the show was, we drove home, arriving at 5 a.m.  I was exhausted from a long day but very excited about seeing how things will go down at The State June 8th.

We’re looking to make RHPS at The State a new South Bend tradition and Help Me Mommy are going to help us put together a local shadowcast.  If you’re interested in being part of this, please leave a comment below or email us at info@thestatesb.com.

Hope to see you out at the shows June 8. Two options are available (both with shadowcasts):

Today also marks the 5 day countdown to the end of the crowdfunding campaign.  We’ve almost reached $8,000 in contributions which is fantastic!  With matching that’s a total of $16,000 to put us on our way towards awesomeness.

We could still use your help and we want to take as much advantage of the matching we can so don’t wait, contribute today: Vote for The State