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Optimizing Utility Layout Is Equally Important For Simcity Buildit

When you play Simcity Buildit it is necessary to have your utility and service buildings properly planned along with your residential plots. These utility and service buildings are necessary to generate your income and revenue which is required for the progress with the game. Proper placement of the utility buildings will affect the functionality of it to keep your population happy and all your residential buildings occupied. All these happy citizens will pay taxes for their usage of these services and utility to give you handsome revenue. So, follow a proper plan to build these utility and services buildings.


Location Of Utility Buildings

The different utility and service buildings must be properly planned when you play Simcity Buildit so that it is used by the maximum number of people so that you generate more income.

  • You can build different utility buildings like factories, power generating plants, water supply works, sewage, waste management and city storage units.
  • Place ugly looking buildings, industrial plots, polluting factories in the farthest end of the city preferably where the long road ends to keep your city pollution free and the population happy.
  • Though water, wind and solar energy plants are exceptions which do not create negative impact of any kind, you must also build it away from a residential plot.

Administrative Offices And Others

Apart from having a separate residential and industrial area in your Simcity Buildit you must also build a dedicated commercial area as well.

  • You can build such commercial buildings, shops, City hall, government offices, mayor’s mansion and Town hall in this area.
  • People will be happy to stay in an area where there are some government offices and important offices near their house.
  • When your city gets crowded, this commercial area acts as a Buffer between the industrial and the residential area.

Roads Are Important

Roads are very important and play a major role in the happiness index of the citizens. Proper layout of well-maintained roads increases the connectivity, easy commuting.

  • Though it costs nothing to build a road, you must have resources to upgrade it later on.
  • Roads take up enough space which you will find while continuing playing Simcity Buildit so you must built roads at proper place, long and straight with less junctions and turns.
  • Build a road and upgrade it if it is absolutely necessary as you cannot get it back once you bulldoze it.

All Boils Down To Money

As running a city as a Mayor of it will require a lot of soft currency to keep your people happy, you will also have to make plans to generate resources from your factories, utility buildings and services provided and much more. You can use the Trade Depot to sell off your extra products to generate money which will also help you to manage your store capacity. Apart from your tax and revenues you can also use the simcity buildit hack apk to generate unlimited sim cash for your benefit which will help you to upgrade, build new buildings and progress with your game.