Thea Great #dtsbpowerout of 2014

The Great #dtsbpowerout of 2014

Sometimes things happen that you can’t foresee. Things like the popularity of Hanson or the great #dtsbpowerout of 2014 which has left us with a dark theater and a beeping fire alarm.

The theater has been out of power since around 12:30 a.m. this morning.  Since the power is forecast to be out until Sunday evening, we will have some difficulties hosting the 2 events we had this weekend, the debut of the dis-Dress Dolls and our May edition of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Beginning this morning we jumped on the phones and the Facebook and sought out new venues and alternative times for these two shows.

At the end of the day our best option looks like rescheduling so we want to announce that the dis-Dress Dolls will now debut on May 31st at 8p.  Tickets are still valid and if you need to return them because you can’t make it, please contact the Dolls on Facebook.

Rocky Horror is moving to this coming Friday the 23rd.  Doors will open a half hour later than normal, 11:30.  If tickets need to be returned or exchanged please contact the cast member you bought them from.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  #weareSouthBend!


One thought on “The Great #dtsbpowerout of 2014”

  1. Of all weekends for this to happen! It’s awful that so many places were affected.

    On a happy note, you get bonus points for the Hanson crack. Made me laugh. :)

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