New for 2014: Weekly Wednesdays at The State

Movie Wednesdays


As many of you know, the State has functioned primarily as a movie house during it’s nearly 100 years of life. Dozens of people have wandered into the theater and told us about how they used to come here and watch movies as kids and you can see that faraway gleam in their eye as the memory comes to life. It’s pretty powerful.

Today we do much more than movies (almost anything really) but there is still that sense that this is a place where movies are meant to be shown.  After all, we do have that enormous screen, that vintage charm, and those great acoustics. Perfect for an art house cinema of sorts.  Movies are easy for us to setup and execute: put out the chairs, turn on the popcorn machine, and press play. And we love easy around here.

So, for 2014 we want to show more movies and that’s just what we’re doing with our Weekly Wednesday series.  The State’s Movie Team, a shadowy group of individuals known only by their codenames, devised monthly themes for January through May and picked some winning movies to showcase them.  We’ve picked a little something for everyone, from action to romance to those awesome 80’s. The price is right, too.  Just $3 for a ticket!  Add a bag of popcorn or candy and you’re enjoying some great films for just $5.

Of course it wouldn’t be The State if we did things the “normal” way so we are adding in fun contests and encouraging people to dress up.  Based on feedback folks would like to see some Brew & View around here and we’re happy to oblige: You’ll be able to get a beer (or some wine) with that popcorn.

If we had any reservations about the likelihood of succes, they were dashed by the overwhelmingly positive response on Facebook: 8700 people have seen the post with more shares (116) than likes (110). Hope we’ve got enough chairs for everyone 😉



2 thoughts on “New for 2014: Weekly Wednesdays at The State”

  1. Love this, I have been telepathically sending you requests for Brew & View for months :) Will this be all ages or over-21-only since alcohol is available? Thanks!!!

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