Santa Clause has come to town!

Photo credit: Peter Ringenberg
Photo credit: Peter Ringenberg

It’s been a while since we’ve had some time to sit down and put together a blog post, but we have exciting updates to share with you that couldn’t go another day…

At the State, we are always thrilled to see the response to the unique events we host and the diversity of people they bring through the door. In the past week alone we’ve had a first Friday family event with Rudolph on the big screen, Bazaar Sunday, the Brick House Burlesque and Rocky Horror Hot Patooties rehearsing for their performances this weekend, Pastor Tena rehearsing for Mary Did You Know next week and a myriad of other meetings for upcoming events.  Beyond the events, though, we hope your visit to the State is an overall fun experience.  To this end, you may have noticed some new toys and upgrades to this historic theater.

First, we are very excited to finally have our own projector and sound system.  Heartfelt thanks go to all who have loaned us equipment in the past, but we’ve enjoyed the convenience of showing more movies without having to transport and set-up anew for each event.  And you can’t have movies without snacks… The fresh popcorn scent wafting through the mezzanine also harkens us back to the State’s glory days as a movie theater, as do the new chairs with a little more cushioning.  The restaurant permit acquired last month has made it possible for us to make popcorn (and coffee) onsite with our brand new commercial grade appliances. As we continue to expand our programming and concession options, Mara is hoping for a nacho machine- but we’ll see what you, our customers, are craving.

Photo: First official batch of popcorn from our new machine. Yum!

Ladies may also have noticed the brighter colors and improved décor in the women’s bathroom, as well as the accessible restroom. With our friends at Indiana Rug Company, we finally took some time to spiff up the facilities and promise that we’ll get to you next, men.

Yes, Santa has been good to us with our new toys! And you all have been as well with your support and attendance at events.  Keep an eye out for more fun upgrades as we enter a new year and new era of magnificence for the State SB.



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