Not just surviving, thriving!

Phew, it’s been one heck of a month here at The State so far.  After a record number of events in October (14 at last count), we kicked off the month of November with 6 in 10 days, including 4 in a row.  2 burlesque shows, a sold out Ignite Michiana 2, a sold out Rocky Horror, a couple of movie screenings, a wrestling event and a Bazaar Sunday later we’ve learned a lot, brought in a little money, and are looking forward to more.

nov ffSo what have we learned?  First off, it’s fantastic to have so many people at the theater. The energy is really palpable!  As I stood outside last First Friday, watching the fully operational marquee drawing people in like a beacon, I had my first feeling that “hey, we’re really creating something good here” and that all the hard work was really paying off.

Second, none of this would be at all possible without a dedicated team of volunteers.  It starts with our very own assistant manager Mara Trionfero who helps me in so many ways she’s clearly a superhero!  It continues with dedicated volunteers like Trish, Keith, John and Matt who are either at every event or nearly every day, doing an amazing job.  I really have no idea how I came to be so blessed to have them and the many others who haven’t been named.

Third, even with such an awesome team we are overreaching trying to do so much at one time.  I think we had all hit the wall by the time Saturday came last week and we still had 2 events to go!  Even the bathrooms were having trouble keeping up :)  There’s a delicate balance in having the right number of people and it appears, for now at least, that we need to bring on some more folks who can help distribute the load a bit.  After our great experience with interns this summer, I’m going to try to find a few more and hopefully we can hire a couple of folks as well.

So what are we going to do now? Host more [awesome] events of course!

For the rest of the month we just have a few things on the schedule.  Saturday’s Humans vs Zombies game promises to be awesome.  If you haven’t played, check out the website. Who doesn’t want to run around the theater shooting nerf guns?

The following Monday we’ll have our first Comet Festival update as well as hosting Fox 28’s Highlight of the Year program celebrating high school athletics. This year they are collaborating with U93, Whole Foods and the Food Bank of Northern Indiana to turn this into a food drive as well. Pretty awesome to be part of that and we’re expecting a packed house so get here early.

Finally, we end November with an action packed Small Business Saturday on the 30th. In the early afternoon, from 1 to 4, we’ll be having an open house with hot chocolate and cider and the classic Rudolph cartoon looping.

Then, in the evening starting at 6, we’re throwing a Christmas Vacation party in partnership with Indiana Rug Co and DTSB.  Dress up as your favorite Christmas Vacation character and come celebrate everyone’s dysfunctional family with us and the Griswolds.  It’s going to be a blast!



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